Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Devotions 19-12-07 (John 19)

The story of Jesus being condemened to die and his crucifixion. It is just the closing end of my reading the New Testament through this year. I also must read the The Revelation to John before the last day of 2007. As I was reading this today I thought about the Christmas season and just six days until Christmas day.

Yet the coming of Jesus as a babe in Bethlehem will end in just about 33 years with the cross outside of Jerusalem. Jesus life and death and resurrection is the reason He came as a babe. What a glorious Christmas gift. The gift to all the world from a loving God.

What should I learn from all this? Maybe there are more important things going on in my world that I need to pay attention to rather than the big news of the day. I need to be more aware of what God is doing in the lives of people rather than the political and economic events of the day. What is the Spirit of God laying on my heart for me to do?

Lord, thank You for all You have done for everyone throughout the ages. Thank You for Jesus coming but most of all for His life, death and resurrection. Lord, help me to not forget all You have done for me as I enjoy the peace and joy there is during the Christmas season. Help me to remember each day the total gift you gave and not just the babe in Bethlehem.


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