Thursday, June 07, 2007

Devotions 07-06-07

Ps 119:17-19

Deal bountifully with Your servant, that I may live and keep Your word. Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things from Your law. I am a stranger in the earth; do not hide Your commandments from me.

In all of Ps 119 the focus is on the written truths of God. His word, testimonies, ordinances, statutes, commandments and more. The psalmist is wanting the blessings of the Lord so he could live and be able to obey God's word. That is a prayer of mine as well. Not to be rich but to have enough so I might be able to live and have time to be in His word and to help others to be in the Word as well.

I pray that God would open my eyes and help me to see clearly the wonderful truths from His word. I know there are many wonderful truths to live life by in His word but often I am blind to them. The world gets me distracted doing so many good things but not the best thing.

I am truly a stranger in the earth since Jesus Christ changed my life. This is no longer my real home but home will be in heaven with my Savior where I will spend eternity. In the mean time I need God's commands found in His word to do the right things and to live righteously and godly.

I know I must delight in God's Word all the time. I must read it, memorize and meditate on it and most important of all living it out every day of my life. God's Word is so clear and powerful and satisfying but I get to busy and I fail to use it in all I do every day of my life. Lord, would You help me in my old age to become more faithful at listening. to You and obeying You more. Thank You Lord for Your patience with me and your loving kindness over these 74 years.


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