Sunday, October 29, 2006

Devotions 29-10-06

Job 5: 17-18
"Behold, how happy is the man whom God reproves, so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty. For He inflicts pain, and gives relief; He wounds, and His hands also heal."

This is much like Heb 12: 4-11. God does discipline me because He loves me. But not all suffering is because I need to be disciplined and this is the case of Job. So while Eliphaz is saying some good things he is missing the point overall.

It is good and comforting to know that when God does discipline me and it is painful that God will also bring me relief. God may wound me to make sure I get the point but He is well able to heal me as well.

Oh the goodness and greatness of God. Oh that I would be able to truly trust God with my life and all that He has given me. I want to use it for His honor and glory and not for my immature and selfish desires. Lord, thank You for Your wise and loving discipline when I need it. Help me by Your grace to respond to it with humulity and gratefulness.


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