Friday, October 27, 2006

Devotions 27-10-06

Job 3
As I read this chapter I am amazed at the dispair of Job. He is a very hurting man and he is wondering why this has come upon him. He is hanging on as much as he can but he does not know why this is happening to him.

I have felt like this a few times and I did not experience anything near to what Job is feeling. When a man is feeling like this he needs encouragement and prayer and not others trying to fix his problem. That is my tendency and I must restrain myself from moving too quickly to try to find an answer to the situation.

Lord, You are the blessed controller of all things and I must be careful to judge what is happening to others. Help me to pray and to seek what is the wisest course of action. Help me to speak truth but to offer encouragement and trust in God who is doing a work that none of us can understand.


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