Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Devotions 24-10-06

I have finished reading Song of Solomon and making some observations and thought today would be a good time to draw a few overall conclusions to what I have read.

Each time I have read through a book of the bible devotionally I do not want to leave it but have a yearning to study it more closely. That is what I feel about the Song of Solomon.

My first overall observation is that true love is very mutual if it is to be beautiful and creates a wonderful intimacy. Solomon is expressing his love and admiration of his bride and she does the same. He seeks for her and she responds. She calls for him and invites him to join her and he responds. No one is seeking to control the other or to use the other for his or her advantage. There is a mutual respect and love for each other.

God is always available for me but He will not force His love on me. I must invite Him into my life and desire for Him to be with me in all I do. I must not allow the world to distract me from all God has for me and seek to have a beauty and fragrance in my life that will honor and please Him.

My second overall observation is that the evil one is out to destroy love. He is doing a good job of that around the world even among Christians. I must be alert to fight against evil in my intimacy to my lover in this world as well of the lover of my soul. It will take effort and sacrifice if I want to maintain the intimacy that God has made available for me. By His grace and strength it my duty to keep this intimacy alive and fresh.

I am so very grateful for the love God has shown to me over the 50+ years I have known Him personally. My love for Him has grown and I am beginning to enjoy His intimacy more and more. He has been patient with me and has continued to love me in my struggles to serve Him and honor Him. He is worthy of all Praise!


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