Sunday, October 15, 2006

Devotions 14-10-06

Song of Solomon 1:2-4
(bride) "May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine. Your oils have a pleasing fragrance, your name is like purified oil; therefore the maidens love you. Draw me after you and let us run together! The king has brought me into his chambers."

Just some thoughts as we begin this small book of love and romance. It is about a bride and her lover; Solomon and his bride. It is about intimacy and love. It is also about how we should be with the lover of our soul, God! We long for intimacy with God and He loves us so very much. Let us keep both of these in mind as we go through Solomon's Song.

A kiss on the mouth speaks of closeness or intimacy. We learn this from our mom's when we are little and we grow up kissing those in the family who we love very much. Even among believers a kiss is one of closeness and intimacy but not in a sensual sense.

When you have a bride it is often sensual but not always. It is basically one of closeness and expression of a deep love. So the bride longs for the kisses from her lover because she respects and loves him so much. She even says your love is better than wine. The best tasting wine is not to be compared to the richness of being shown love.

The bride speaks of her lovers fragrance. He is clean and has oils on his body and gives out a pleasant fragrance. God has a fragrance about Him when I come into His presence. He is pure and holy and I sense His love for me. His name is like purified oil and that for sure is what God's name is like. It is His Holiness and His total pureness that is appealing.

The bride wants to be with her lover and asks that he would draw her to him so they could run together. Love is being together with the one who loves you. So it is with God, to be with Him who loves me so very much.

It is always special to be alone with the one I love. My wife and I often just need time alone with each other to talk and enjoy one another's presence. I also need time alone with God and there are special things I learn when I make time to spend time alone with Him. The King of Kings long to bring me into His chambers to speak to me words of love and comfort and encouragement.

I realize more every year how much more time I need to spend alone with the lover of my soul. Not that I do not need others but I need the intimacy of God more than anything else. Other believers are a great encouragement to me and I learn from them but time with my Lord is even more special. Lord grant me the wisdom and strength to plan time alone with You and to do it often.


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