Friday, September 29, 2006

Devotions 29-09-06

Ecclesiastes 2:25-26
For who can eat and who can have enjoyment without Him? For to a person who is good in His sight He has given wisdom and knowledge and joy, while to the sinner He has given the task of gathering and collecting so that he may give to one who is good in God's sight. This too is vanity and striving after wind.

Solomon has some good and some bad comments. To the first question it is "no one". We need God in our lives in everything we do. His second statement has a bit of class structure to it. The good guys are the bosses and everyone else are slaves to keep the good guys happy. I do not think that was God's intent at all. The godly are suppose to share God with those who do not know Him and give them the opportunity to come into God's family. He is the creator of us all. No one is better than anyone else. We have different positions in life and God gives us different responsibilities according to our gifts which He gives to us.

It is when we do not see things from God's point of view that things get out of whack and it is then vain. When we keep to God's Word and His ways everything and everyone has a very clear purpose and it is a beautiful picture of God's love and grace.

I am very fortunate to live in the days that are now here. I am so grateful for all who have taught me and shared the Word of Life with me. Thank You Lord for Your wonderful ways filled with purpose and joy.


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