Saturday, September 02, 2006

Devotions 02-09-06

Prov 22:1,4,11
"A good name is to be more desired than great riches, favor is better than silver and gold. The reward of humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honor and life. He who loves purity of heart and whose speech is gracious, the king is his friend."

There are six things that will bring blessings to me. If I have a good name, have favor, seek to be humble, fear God, love a pure heart and have gracious speech. What do these mean?

How do I get a good name? How do I gain favor? The simple answer is to be like Jesus. The more difficult answer is to learn to walk with God and to think of others more than myself. A good name is gained from living a good life not by my definition but by God's. Favor is gained by living a life of helping others so much that they want to do something for me and that is called favors. I do not ask for their help but they are eager to give it because of my giving character. All this is much more valuable than money and wealth.

What does humility and fear of God give to me? Riches, honor and life! Is that
a worthy reward? I would think anyone would be willing to be humble and to deeply revere God for such a reward. The problem is that I find trouble really trusting God to do what He says. I have no basis in such distrust but I am listening to the lies that are around me saying God can not be trusted. Why not try it and see if God does reward in such a wonderful way. You will find God is True!

Every one would like the favor of the King, the boss or whoever is in charge. So what must I do? Demonstrate a love for having a pure heart and speak with a gracious attitude and spirit. Is that attractive to me if I were the King? I would answer with a resounding Yes! A pure heart is not having any hidden motives but is loyal and focused on doing what is right. It is honesty and a concern for others and making life better for those who follow me. I do not speak with a demanding spirit or a critical spirit but kindness and graciousness.

I know that in myself I cannot do this but with God's help it can be done. I know my world would be better and those around me might understand more why I serve God the way I do. They also might be interested in knowing more about the God who enables me to live this kind of life. I am grateful for those who have been my example and have shown me that God can be trusted and that He will do what He promises. My part is so small in comparison to all He gives to me when I obey what He asks of me. Thank You my gracious and loving God!!!


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