Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Devotions 30-08-06

Prov 20:15
"There is gold, and an abundance of jewels; but the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing."

There is something more important than money and wealth. It is someone who can share knowledge. It is sad that we have to qualify knowledge but we must because of such evil. People are sharing their supposed knowledge today but it is not true because it is lies. True knowledge is based on truth and facts. It must not be twisted knowledge based on a person's feeling or bias. It must be true truth and pure knowledge and proven facts. Yes, this is more precious than all the wealth in the world.

A person who speaks knowledge is an amazing person. He or she is concerned about truth and how it will benefit others. They are not concerned about their popularity or what benefit they will gain but true knowledge.

I believe that the Bible is such a book of knowledge and truth. That is why these proverbs are in the bible along with all the history of mankind concerning the works of God, the author. I have been reading it for more than 50 years now and I find it more interesting and comforting than I did when I first started. My concern is that I speak of the Bible not with my views as an emphasis but hoping to make it applicable to everyday living for myself and others.

Lord, thank You for the Bible and for all the knowledge that it contains. It truly is a gold mine of truth and knowledge that leads us to the person of Jesus Christ. Thank You for all those who have spoken to me true knowledge from this book.


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