Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Devotion 06-09-06

Prov 23:12
"Apply your heart to discipline, and your ears to words of knowledge."

I would say it like this: "Be wholehearted in your discipline and be eager to hear words of knowledge."

I have covered a lot of ground concerning knowledge the last few days and you may feel like I do, a little overwhelmed. I never want my learning of new things to get ahead of my application of what I am learning. So it is good to stop today and think some more about applying the instructions I have received to my life.

The word discipline in some cases is translated instructions. When there is discipline it should be for the cause of instructions. So another way of saying the above verse is "Be sure your heart is into learning from your instructions and you are listening carefully to gain more knowledge"

The heart to learn from instructions precedes the gaining of new knowledge because new knowledge will not stay with me unless I seek to apply that knowledge to how I live life. So remember Apply,Apply and Apply what I know about God to my life.

I need Your help Lord in applying what You have been teaching me to my life. I know these words are true because You are Holy and True. Lord give me a heart that is eager to apply what I learn from You to how I live and how I relate to others.


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