Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Devotions 12-02-08 (Eph 5:23-33)

In verse 31 a "man is to leave his father and mother..." and focus on building a home with his wife. This seems to mean that leaving is an important part of building a home around a man's leadership and his love for his wife.

To some this may be fairly easy but to others this may be rather difficult. It depends a lot on how or what I was taught by my father and mother. God says you must leave your home and start a new home with the husband leading and also cleaving to his wife. I will say a little about cleaving tomorrow.

I think leaving is important to leave the past and to look to the future for what God has in store for me and my wife. I leave a lot of security maybe but my wife and I must work together and believe God to do great things for us. I must not let the past take me away from the focus on my new responsibility for a home centered around my wife and me.

I believe God wants me to always have my wife as the focus of our family so she is secure in my love and that she is my first priority after my priority with God. When we are unified in our lives our family and friends will see the power of God in us because that is His desire.

The goal God has for us is to be as one person. My part in this is to lead and love and demonstrate that love in how I treat my wife all the days God gives us together. What does it mean that we shall become one flesh? We will see tomorrow. Lord thank You for Your marvelous plan in giving us a life partner that we can have a measure of oneness that You have as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three persons but with perfect unity, love and respect. We are made in Your image and by Your Spirit we are made holy and more like You.


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