Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Devotions 21-11-07 (I John 5:4-5)

"For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world--our faith. And who is the one who overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God."

The world seems so strong at times and so hard to overcome but I can have victory by the power of God. Yesterday, I was fairly sick in bed most of the day and I could only pray. What did I learn? I am weak and I am very dependent on the Lord in everything. Even when I think I am strong I am weaker than I think. I must make my relationship with God my first priority. I know this but do I really know this? Am I so dependent on God that a day is not complete until I have spent some quality time with Him in His Word and Prayer. Only in this way can I have a dynamic faith that overcomes the world.

Lord, I marvel at my weakness and recognize the urgency of my time with You. This time with you is not just to check off a block and go about my day in my strength. I must have personal time with You and from this relationship to have the strength to do Your will. Oh, to get in my head and heart that You are the focus of my life. There is nothing in my day more important than having time with You. Matt 6:33


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