Friday, November 23, 2007

Devotions 23-11-07 (I Thess 5:18)

"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the USA. We celebrated with a few friends in Estonia who are from the States. Our time was mostly around food and not a whole lot said about giving Thanks. That happens a lot in the States when Thanksgiving is more of a holiday rather than truly giving Thanks. You can do both but you must really work at it in order for it to happen.

My oldest son lost his job the day before Thanksgiving; all because of an error he made in "political correctness". How do you give thanks in such an unfair situation? You do it out of the will to do what God says. Why? The giving of thanks is acknowledging that God is sovereign and He has allowed this for a purpose. God is never out of control of my life. Every believer in Christ has this confidence that God has a plan for his life that can not be thwarted by others.

I am very aware that this is easy to say but much harder to actually do. Yet, I am convinced that this is what I must do by God's abundant Grace. I do want to be grateful for eveything in my life; the good and the bad. Of course this seems to be much easier when I am doing nothing wrong but I am not sure this is always true. It is never easy to face genuine disappointment unless my focus is truly on the Lord when it happens. Pray I would be able to do this in my life so God would be honored by my life.


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