Monday, September 17, 2007

Devotions 17-09-07

Mary Lou and I just returned from Roosta Village near Happsalu, Estonia for four days of rest and time with God in prayer and being in His Word. It was a very refreshing time and it was encouraging to us.

Before we left I was in Heb 4:14-16 and wrote in my blogg my thoughts concerning these verses. While in Roosta I spent a morning alone with the Lord and memorized these verses and did some meditating on them. I felt God gave me a refreshing time and I grasped a little deeper meaning of what God is saying to us here. I was out on the beach with the cool breeze blowing against me and I just praised the Lord for Jesus being my high priest. He knows all about how I feel and struggle with life and ministry and He is eager to give me mercy and grace when I come to Him.

Pray that I could follow through on what I have learned and it would be a bench mark for me in my time in prayer. I think there are three basic things I have grasped in a new way.

1. My high priest is Jesus the Son of God who has passed through the heavens. I must hold fast to that confession. I must not treat this truth lightly but let it forever grasp my soul and being. When I pray, I am not merely praying but coming before Jesus the Son of the living God who is my High Priest. What a privilege and what an honor and what a wonderful and comforting truth.

2. My high priest is not one who does not understand what I am going through but He know exactly how I feel. He has been here and done that yet with out sin. He knows all my temptations and my weaknesses and my limitations and He is available to help me through them all. Oh, that I could remember this and not complain about all I am facing and the struggle I may have.

3. I can be confident as I approach the great Throne of Grace that Jesus my High Priest will show me mercy and give me grace to accomplish the work He has for me in my life. Oh, how I need His mercy for all the foolish things I have done or failed to do. Equally as much I need His Grace (the desire and the strength) to do what I know He wants me to do.

Days go by so quickly but I know there is plenty of time to do His will. God is not in a rush but has time and eternity all planned out and I must rest in His perfect will for my life and those I love so dearly.


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