Friday, August 24, 2007

Devotions 24-08-07

Titus 1:8-9
An overseer of God's ministry must have the following values in their lives as a good steward of God. "He must be hospitable, loving what is good, sensible, just, devout, self-controlled, holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching...."

A good steward of God must be one willing to share his home with others that are around him or stranger passing through. There is a generosity and kindness in being hospitable to others. He must be one who loves what is good. He does not allow evil to influence him or lessen his standard of loving what is good. He must be sensible and easy to reason with and provides stability with those he is around. He must be just and is not partial to anyone but does what is right in every situation. He must be a person who is devoted to the Lord and is devout in honoring God in all he does. He must exercise self-control in the whole of life. He must be an example of self-control and encourage others in having self-control.

Last of all God's steward must have a good grip on the faithful Word of God just as he has been taught. He must teach it's truths faithfully and be able to correct others from the Word when they are opposing the truth. He is someone who can skillfully use God's Word to guide others to God and rebuke those who are opposing God and His values.

The last of the seven I would say is maybe the most important. As a steward of God I must be able to handle the Word of God with skill. I must live what I am teaching and teach what I am living. I must have the courage and the skill to oppose those who are not living or teaching the scriptures correctly. Lord, how often I fail in all of this myself and I am an overseer as one of God's stewards. Lord grant me the humility to admit my errors and the strength to do what is right and honoring to You.


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