Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Devotions 24-07-07

Ps 142:7
Bring my soul out of prison, so that I may give thanks to Your name; the righteous will surround me, for You will deal bountifully with me.

It has been a few days since I was doing Ps 142 and I never got to finish the last verse. It is the conclusion of the Psalm and the writer makes his closing comments to the Lord.

Many times I feel like I am in prison with my problems and things that are heavy on me. I struggle with this when I cannot solve the problems but must leave them all to the Lord. A little thing like the color is not working on my blog is something hard to be content with and to keep going. In my mind I just want to quit and forget the whole thing but that is not the way to handle difficulties. I must move forward and give thanks when the problem is fixed or even if it is not fixed. There are some problems I must live with for a longer period of time that may never go away. There is a need to always be thankful for what God does and even when He does not deliever me from my difficulties.

It is great to be confident that God will deal bountifully with me because He is good and does what is good. God is not limited in His goodness but always does far more than I could ever imagine. When I have this attitude then I will be among the righteous and that is where I desire to be with all my heart.

Lord, thank You for all You are teaching me even in my old age. Give me wisdom and the heart to stay thankful no matter what is happening to me or around me. Keep me always seeking You and crying out to You and doing my best to do what is right and honoring to You.


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