Saturday, June 23, 2007

Devotions 23-06-07

Ps 119:169-176

In these eight verses the word "Let" is used 12 times. I was wondering what is the significance of this? It is like the psalmist is asking God to help him. He desires these things so much and he is struggling to do what he really wants. Maybe he is asking God to remove the hinderances that seem to block what he is seeking to do. I can sure identify with his struggles.

I know I desire greater understanding as I study God's word. As I pray I feel that I need help to express my thoughts that are in my heart. I want to praise the Lord more than I do and I can not seem to avoid the obstacles that come in my way so quickly. I want to sing songs based on God's word but I just do not seem to know how. So the list of items go on of what I need God to help me with.

I think there is real humility in the words of the psalmist as he recognizes that only God can help him with his struggles. I must in like manner seek the Lord with a humble spirit and recognize how much I need God's help in whatever I may want to do in my walk with God and my service to Him. I think this is a fitting 8 verses to end Psalm 119. In all our determination and seeking God in His Word we still need God to help us. Let me Lord be the kind of servant of Yours that I truly want to be. Let me overcome evil so I might be the godly man I ought to be.


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