Monday, August 14, 2006

Devotions 14-08-06

Prov 12:15
"The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is who listens to counsel."

I think my biggest enemy is myself when it comes to important decisions. Many decisions seem to come when I am under pressure and I feel I do not have the time to seek counsel. When I do seek counsel many times I do not choose my counsel wisely. The importance of counsel is to find someone that is more objective than me.

The other issue is to seek wise counsel or someone that is knowledgeable about the issues I am deciding. If at all possible I need to ask the people who know me but will be very honest with me. Most decisions I have made in regard to wise counsel have worked well for me. I have made many on my own that did not turn out very well.

I think the older I get I feel that I should be able make decisions on my own and not bother others and I think that is wrong thinking. I think I need to always ask someone for their thoughts when making big decisions. If nothing else in obedient to what God has put in His Word.

I think the thing that leads us to foolish decisions is that we fail to recognize how much we are swayed by our emotions in many ways. The emotions could be pride, sentimental, anger, fear and many more. We sometimes we do not know what emotion is pulling us until we listen to wise counsel.

Lord, help me to seek the counsel of others on important issues that will affect my family and those I love. Lord, I want Your counsel most of all but I know my emotions get in my way and lead me down wrong paths. Deliver me from all the wrong emotions that would not be right or honoring to You.


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