Sunday, August 06, 2006

Devotions 06-08-06

Prov 6:16-19
"There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: 1. Haughty eyes 2. a lying tongue, 3. and hands that shed innocent blood, 4. a heart that devises wicked plans, 5. feet that run rapidly to evil, 6. a false witness who utters lies, and 7. one who spreads strife among brothers."

When God takes the time to make a list of things I try to spend a little more time getting those things in my mind and heart. Here He list seven things that He hates. So I ask myself the question; do I hate these things? Do I find myself doing these in my life?

Do I ever have haughty eyes? Eyes that look down on others with an attitude that I am more important than others or my ideas are better than others? Or do I have eyes of compassion and caring for the conditions of others? Eyes of love and concern and not pride. Oh, how prideful we can be even with our eyes.

Do I twist the truth to my advantage or even not tell the truth? I must be so careful to keep truth in my speech. The God of truth hates lying and does not want it in our lives at all. Am I completely honest with my spouse about everything even when I know the truth will get me in trouble?

What are hands that shed innocent blood? Am I using my hands to wound or hurt people that are innocent? In whatever way I may do this God says that He hates it. I think I need to do some soul searching on this matter.

It seems to me that the items are getting more wicked. I am now at the point of making wicked plans in my heart. Maybe this is the root of all my problems. My heart is not in tune with God and it is filled with things of the world and things of the flesh. Only God can cleanse my heart and make it pure.

I began with my eyes and my hands and now my feet are taking my whole body into evil deeds. It is amazing how haughty eyes has brought me this far down into evil.

Now I am in court and asked to give witness to what I have seen and heard and I refuse to tell the truth. I choose to tell a lie rather than the truth. I must remember that God hates all of these things because He knows that one will lead me to the other.

The last evil deed is causing brothers to fight each other. Brothers are to help each other and be there when no one else is around. There is a blood relationship that should be such a bonding that nothing could break it. Do I do this with my brothers in Christ?

I think I must do more thinking about these 7 items that God hates. I pray Lord you would teach me to hate these items as You do. Help me in applying these to every area of my life.


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