Friday, February 02, 2007

Prayer 01-02=07

I know I must grow in my time in prayer if I expect God to do His work in my life and in the ministry He desires for me to have in Estonia. I must be concerned about what God wants to accomplish and not so much in what I think should be accomplished. Lord, use this time of writing out my thoughts to help me to understand clearly what You are wanting me to do.

I am so grateful for the past two weeks and all You have done for Lou and me as we traveled to Hawaii and back in just two weeks and two days. Thank You for safety in flight and getting there and back without any major problem occurring during these days. Thank You for the trememdous time with Steve and Melissa and the family and his retirement ceremony. Thank You for the thoughts you gave me to share at the dinner on the 20th.

Thank You Lord for the sessions with Melanie , Steve, David and Mike. Thank You for the ideas You have given us in finding a solution to the difficulties that Melanie is facing. Thank You for the spirit in which we were able to discuss hard and difficult items with grace and love. Lord, help us to continue to work and find lasting solutions to difficulties that would bring You much honor and glory.

It is good to be back in Estonia and to have the time to think and pray and evaluate where we are and what we should be doing. Lord there is so much that needs to be done and I need the time to get my thoughts in order and to be doing what You have sent me here to do.

I know my greatest need is to wait on You and to allow You to teach me and to guide me in Your ways. I feel I should memorize Ps 27 and that it would be a great help in getting my vision clear and to do what You have planned for Lou and me and what You are wanting us to do.

Lord, You are the Almighty and You are able to do far beyond what I could ask or imagine. Help me as I wait on You to pour out my heart to You and to allow You to direct my thoughts and my actions.


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