Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Prayer 09-01-07

O Eternal God I ask that I might grasp a little more today the awesome meaning of Your name. Thank You for the privilege to come into Your presence because of Your Son Jesus the Christ of God. Guide me as I worship You and seek to honor You with my whole life.

Help me to know Your name in such a way that I would completely trust You for everything I seek to do. There is nothing I might need that You cannot provide. You are the Mighty God that is above all the gods of this world.

Lord, would You deliever Melanie from the awful mess she is in and give her a new hunger for You and Your Word. Give her some encouragement today in the midst of all that has gone wrong for her. Open her eyes and heart to the great truths You want to teach her and prepare her for the great work You have for her. Give her courage but also give her humulity. O God give me wisdom in how to pray for her and how You want me to help her.


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