Saturday, January 06, 2007

Prayer 06-01-07

Lord, I thank You for the thoughts You gave me this morning concerning the lack of energy I am struggling with. Help Lou and I to work on the disciplines that we discussed. Help me to continue to be attentive to what the Holy Spirit wants me to do and how to apply His instructions to my life.

Lord continue to help Melanie to be attentive to You as well in her situation. Guide in our conversation with her today. Lord encourage her as only You can do today. Provide for her needs and show her what is on Your heart for her and her ministry.

Give Stella safety in her travels from Germany and use her closing moments with Michaela and her friends and family to minister to them. Bring Stella back encouraged and eager to move ahead in the ministry You have for her. I give You thanks and praise for watching over her as she has been away these days.

Continue to minister to Piret and Romain as they wind up their time together in France. I pray it would be an honoring time to You as well as each other. Give them both a great opportunity to minister to Romain's family and friends. I pray both Romain and Piret will be greatly encouraged because of the time You have provided for them both.

I also pray that Robert would be greatly encouraged by these closing days that he has in Canada with his family and friends. I pray he would return to Estonia refreshed and eager to move forward in his life and ministry. I pray he would be more eager to draw closer to the Lord in his everyday life. I pray he would want to focus more on ministry than on his businesses. Prosper him Lord, so he would be able to do just this.

Lord, guide us as we come together this week after being apart for these few weeks. Help us as we reconnect and pray we would have a great time when we gather together on Sat. the 13th. Lord refresh us in our desire to make an impact in Estonia with the message of discipleship.


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