Saturday, January 06, 2007

Meditations 06-01-07

Jesus said in the scripture that we should pray in this way. He did not tell us to pray this prayer. But because we do not study the scriptures that much we tend to repeat what He said and not learn beyond that. We find it difficult to apply scripture to where we live but instead we know what the bible says and we think that is enough.

In brief the prayer model begins with honor and reverence for God and for what He is doing. Second, it deals with us and our needs and last it goes back to God and shows honor to Him again.

So when I approach God I should begin with respect and honor to the One who is above all things. I must not forget that I am approaching a Holy God who has a Kingdom and a desire for the whole world. I want to do His will more than mine and want to honor His plan for my life more than mine.

I must acknowledge that God is the one who provides for me and He is the one who forgives me when I sin. I need His help and protection in all I do. I am in a struggle with evil and God is my only protection.

Also notice that the prayer has a plural note to it so we know that God expects us to work in community and not alone. We need one another to encourage each other and to battle against evil. Still we must also have God because He is the only one who is strong enough to truly defeat evil.

I close by recognizing again that God is the Almighty and that His Kingdom is eternal and His power is the greatest and He is to receive all glory. If I were to meditate on this more I would have this prayer model or framework clear in my mind and heart and I would be more effective in prayer. Lord help me to grasp this firmly in my heart and life.


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