Thursday, January 11, 2007

Prayer 11-01-07

Lord, I thank You that You care for all people and long to see everyone come to know You in all Your splendor. You want to give us good things and You desire to see us accomplish great things for Your kingdom. You want us to be available to You so You might do this work that in many ways is impossible for us. Lord, You know how weak and frail we are even when we think we are strong.

I realize that quietness and being still before You is an act of worship of You. Help me not to always be seeking to do something but to be patient and still before You. Help me learn to rest and to reflect on Your greatness and to trust You to use this time in a way that would honor and glorify You.

Lord, guide Lou and me as we get ready for this trip to be at Steve's retirement ceremony and dinner. I want to be ready to share what is appropriate and what will honor what You have done in Steve and Melisssa's lives these past 20 years. I pray it would also be an encouragement to believe You for greater things in the years ahead as they raise their girls to walk with You and to honor You.

I pray You would direct in our time with the team on Sat so we each would profit and see the work You are doing in all our lives. I pray each person would see You more clearly and see the work You have for us as individuals and as a team. We are here for You to do Your pleasure through us. A work that would benefit generations to come in Estonia or wherever they may live. Lord, meet us in prayer for encouragement and vision in what is ahead.

This is Your Work and we are your servants. I pray for You to be honored and glorified in all we do or say.


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