Friday, January 05, 2007

Meditation 04-01-07

Prayer is a wonderful privilege that God has made available to everyone. The sinner that needs forgiveness and a place to begin a new life. The new believer that needs to know God's love even in day to day issues and practical matters. Then there is the growing Christian who has learned a little more about Christian responsibilities and has learned that God wants us to obey His word. The mature believer who knows the lies of satan and know he uses scripture but in a distorted way. Then last of all the Christian leader that must be a teacher and be an example to all those listed above who are seeking to honor the Lord by their lives and ministry.

Prayer is available to all of the above but there are different requirements based on what they know or have learned. John 16:24 and Matt 21:22 is true for everyone and must be done regardless of my maturity. I must ask God for my requests and I must ask in faith. Then there are the instructions to ask in Jesus name.

As I learn more of God through His Word I see that John 15:7 teaches that I must abide in Him and His Word must in me. Most young believers do not know or understand this but they are heard and answered by God. Then there is Ps 66:18 that tells us God will not hear us if we have sin in our lives and refuse to let it go or give it to God.

My thoughts here are not thorough or exhaustive but it does remind me that although prayer is simple and available to all it does have limitations depending on our maturity and knowledge of God's Word. It is very powerful to the mature Christian who know how to prayer scripture and to pray according to God's will. I John 5:14-15 or John 15:16.

The challenge I have received in meditation on these verses on prayer is that I must handle prayer wisely just as I must handle the Word of God wisely. There is much to do in prayer but also much to learn. So as Jesus disciples said to Jesus so we should say to Him, Lord, teach us to pray.


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