Thursday, January 04, 2007

Prayer 04-01-07

Lord, I only want to express to You today my gratitude for what You have done for me. I know You know my needs before I even ask and You give often when I fail to ask. Most of all I want to Thank You for who You are the Almighty One who has created all things and sustains all things and provided forgiveness of all my sins in Your Son Jesus the Christ.

Thank You for drawing me to Yourself and revealing Jesus to me when I was a young man 21 years old. That You brought Sid into my life who not only shared the gospel with me but nurtured me and taught me Your Word and how to walk with You. I thank You for Sid's godly character that was such an example to me of what a believer should be and do.

Thank You for all those You have used in my life to build up my faith and to guide me in Your ways. Thank You for wise godly counsellors that You sent to me such as Jim Downing, Jesse Miller and many others who gave me counsel based on Your Word.

Lord, help me to be forever grateful for all the small and big events in my life that I know could only come from You. Thank You for Your committed ones who have been my strength and encouragement in all the years You have allowed me to serve You in various parts of Your world.


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