Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Prayer 03-01-07

I have just finished my bible study this week on prayer so I think I am more prepared now than this morning when I wrote out a prayer and then the Internet ate it up. That prayer went directly to the Lord in cyber space.

Lord, You are the Almighty and the One that rules over all things. There are no accidents with You and there is a reason in everything. I am so grateful that You are my God and that I am learning to trust You in everything. I have been praying as a Christian for nearly 52 years but sometime I feel like I am still a beginner.

Lord, I want to grow more in prayer this year and see more results in prayer. I want to be more attentive to any sin that would hinder You from hearing or answering my prayer. I want to be more conscious of what I say in prayer and how I approach You in prayer. It truly is amazing that You have given us such a privilege to come directly to You and to pour out our hearts to You.

I need more strength to do what I should than I have had recently. Would You give the the physical, mental and emotional strength to accomplish the work You have for me to do. Give me wisdom in what I should do to find out what is happening in my body that is taking my strength away from me.

Guide me in what my application should be from the bible study I have done on prayer. I know there is much that I need to do but I want to be realistic in what I can do with the energy I now have. I think it is more a matter of using my energy more wisely and being careful not to waste my energy on things that are not as important as others.

Lord, I need ideas on the message I need to give at Steve's retirement ceremony. I desire that it would minister to Steve and his guests and that You would be lifted up. I again need Your wisdom in knowing what to say and how to say it. I am grateful for the opportunity and I trust You to give the right content and the way You want me to present it a few weeks from now.

Thank You Lord for the day spent in meditation on the verses about prayer that You gave me this morning. Continue to burn Your truths about prayer into my heart and life.


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