Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Meditations 02-01-07

John 3:16-21 has probably been used more than any other verses to communicate God's love to the lost and dying world. It is so clear and simple and yet such an amazing truth. The creator of the whole earth loves me and provided salvation for me though His Son Jesus Christ. And there are no tasks that I must accomplish. All I must do is believe that in Jesus Christ is eternal life and the forgiveness of all my sin.

Jesus did not come to judge me but to rescue me. If I choose not to believe then judgement is already hanging over my head. To do nothing is to reject God's loving provision and I will be judged the moment I die. God's provision is not to be taken lightly it will determining my destiny in eternity. The rest of the passage explains further why we may not come to Him and what a loss that will be.


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