Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Devotions 26-12-06

Luke 3:23-37
The genealogy of Jesus from His supposed father Joseph all the way back to Adam. God made the first Adam from nothing as well as his wife Eve. The second Adam was created by God by the Holy Spirit and Mary and He was named Jesus. The first Adam was given a freedom of choice and he sinned. The second Adam had a sinless soul and He did not sin. Only Jesus could die for our sin because He was sinless. He was a pure sacrifice who willingly died in order to save mankind from his sinful nature.

Now the ministry of Jesus begins. He is thirty years old and is aware of what He has come into the world to do. He begin with a test and satan is there to be the tester just as he was in the garden some centuries before. This time he fails and waits for another day to try again.

Often we are tested when we seek to serve God. There are many tests that we go through in our desire to be used of God. They are all for our benefit but we sometimes do not realize it at the time. I think my tests are to help me realize how dependent I am upon the Lord. I can not depend on my own strength because I am so powerless but His strength is more than I need.

What tests lie ahead of me in 2007? Will I try to fight these in my own strength or will I humbly admit my powerlessness and fight these with God's strength. Phil 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who give me strength." Lord, help me to rely on Your strength and not my own.


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