Saturday, November 11, 2006

Devotions 05-11-06

Job 12:13
"With Him are wisdom and might; to Him belong counsel and understanding "

It is not the wisdom of the world but God's wisdom that will fulfill my life and give me purpose. Not only wisdom but the strength to do what I know I must do. Then on top of all of this there is His counsel that will provide direction and advice on all of life's issues plus give me understanding as to what is going on around us.

There is a lot in this verse that I need to apply to my life and to remember in my everyday living. I need wisdom and strength and counsel and understanding. I know that God has all these
and He is eager to give them to me if I am in a right relationship with Him.

Lord give me the strength to seek you and to order my life in such a way that I am able to learn from You and to apply to my life the qualities of life that are Yours. Thank You Lord for reminding me of who You are and what You have available to me.


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