Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Devotions 01-08-06

Prov 1:5

"A wise man will hear and increase in learning, an a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel,"

I have just finished spending seven months going through the Psalms and now I go to Proverbs but I will only spend two months here. I know that is a quick walk through Proverbs but I know there are rich nuggets here. I did memorize Ps 150 and am enjoying meditating on it.

A genuine wise man is one that not only hears but he listens carefully and learns. I know attentive hearing is important but I must work at it and not become lazy. I must evaluate carefully what I hear and check it with the Word of God so I am learning what is right and what is wrong.

If I am to be a man of understanding I must seek wise counsel. Understanding is the ability to grasp information and comprehend what is being taught. To develop understanding I must seek wise counsel. That is to seek the advice of others who have experience and have been successful. A foolish man thinks he can figure everything out on his own. Humility and a teachable spirit are needed to seek counsel but how great is the reward.

Lord I desire to be a wise man and a man of understanding. Help me to follow your advice with much prayer and diligence to Your Word.

Ps I do not know how many are using my devotional blog but it is Let me know if it is not working or that you do not want to mess with it. Send me a simple reply and put one word for what you would like concerning the devotions; blog, e-mail, or none. Thanks for your input.


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