Friday, May 18, 2007

Devotions 18-05-07

Ps 109:26-27
Help me, O Lord my God; save me according to Your lovingkindness. and let them(those who are evil and seek to do me harm)know that this is Your hand; You, Lord have done it.

David was struggling with people who were seeking to do him harm when he had not done anything to them. It might be people or circumstances that is preventing me to do what I feel God is asking me to do. At this point I must cry out to the Lord and ask for His help.

I want others who are watching me know that it is God who has done the work or the miracle and not anything in me. God wants to be glorified because He truly is doing all the work and I am but a channel through which He can work. What a privilege and a blessing to be His servant and allow Him to do wonderful things in the world so the world may see what God does for those who love Him.

So as I seek to serve the Lord in Estonia I pray that others who know me may see that it is the hand of the Lord that is doing great things and not me. Lord, you know my struggles and those who oppose me in winning the lost and discipling. Give me the strength and wisdom in knowing how to answer my critics and those who do not understand what I am seeking to do in the lives of others.


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