Monday, January 01, 2007

Meditations 01-01-07

Although I have known Psalms 1 for years it has been awhile since I have done much meditating on it. I will do this today and write out a few thoughts on it this evening before I go to bed.

It has been a good day and I have been encouraged with my meditations on
Psalm 1.

A man is truly blessed or happy when he does not hang around the wrong crowd who are seeking to hurt or taking advantage of others rather than to help them or do good for them. It is God who created us who knows what we should do with our lives to be able to enjoy it. What man in general thinks is good or fun is often using people for their benefit and for their pleasure and really thinks of no one more than self. That is called wicked thinking by God.

The wicked have no permanent place to be secure because they are displeasing to God and eventually will be caught up in their own evil practices. The Lord says that the way of the wicked will perish.

So we have a choice to follow God and righteous living or follow the way of the evil which will end up with nothing. Psalm 1 is an outline for the whole book of Psalms. The choice is always before us and we can choose which one we want to follow. I think the way of God is the best. It really is the Only way worth considering!


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