Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Prayer 02-01-07

Lord, thank You for our little team of Piret, Stella, Robert, Lou and me. Would You help us to continue to grow in knowledge of Your Word and the grace and ability to live it out in our lives? Help us to grow in the spiritual disciplines that we need, so we can reproduce this in the lives of others You bring to us.

Lord, protect us from the distractions that satan brings into our lives and help us to be focused on what You have called us to do. Matt 28:18-20 Jesus tells us to go and make disciples. Keep it clear to us what biblical disciples look like in character and focus.

Lord, I pray for Piret and Romain as they are in France that You would be their strength and shield as they live for You in the midst of Romain's family. Use them as lights to bring honor and glory to You. Do the same for Stella as she is with Michaela and her family over the Christmas holiday's. Use Stella to be a light in Germany among those she is spending this Christmas season. Then there is Robert in Canada with his family and friends. Lord, use us all to help others to know the value of a deeper walk with God and to share with others how this may be done.

Lord, give us people in Estonia who will respond to the message of biblical discipleship. Help us to model it in our lives and give us folks that are hungry for the knowledge of the Word and the desire to help others in their personal walk with God. Lord, give us strength to make whatever sacrifices we need to make to be used by You in the lives of others. Make this a burning desire for each of us as we move forward in 2007.


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