Monday, December 04, 2006

Devotions 03-12-06

Job 38-41
God speaks with Job and explains all that He has done and who He is. He speaks of nature and beings that He has created. There is none like God and Job is awed at all He learns. God is kind and loving but firm and as I read I am reminded of how great the God of all creation truly is. It is so easy in the midst of living and taking for granted all that God does that we forget how small and insignificant we are in comparison to Him. Only He gives us the significance that we are privileged to have.

Time just seems to race on so quickly that I do not have the time to think and drink in all that I should. I feel so shallow in my relationship to the Almighty that has given me and I feel so very ungrateful to Him. I want to be grateful and know that He is the Blessed Controller of all things. He is worthy of all my praise and all that I give to Him, even my very life.

Lord, thank You for the brief moments I have with You. They go by so very quickly and I have a hard time remembering the joy of these moments. I appreciate the information You gave to Job and that they have been preserved so that I may know of Your Greatness as well. Lord, guide Melanie, Lou and me as we have the next five days together. Do Your mighty work for us all for Your honor and Glory.


At 6:46 AM, Blogger Beryl Williams said...

Hello mel! I really had to work to get here but I am so glad that I did! I completely agree with you and wonder myself at the fact that I can experience such intimacy with the Lord and then be ok not having it for several days or maybe, I am ashamed to admit, longer. I agree that the Word, I believe is to remind us of the wonderful relationship that we have the opportunity to experience with Him as often, really, as we desire. I am a firm believer in not getting in too much of a hurry so that we miss the daily wonders of Him that are all around us. Thank you for your heart, transparency and willingness to be used in His hands and in case you ever are!!! God bless your love for Him and cause it to grow more every day till we are able to see Him face to face!!!


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