Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Devotions 29-11-06

Job 30
Job is humiliated due to his loss and the unconcern of others. Some even take the advantage to laugh and scorn the man who has helped so many and has been generous to others in need. Some like to see someone that is wealthy to lose everything and to know what it feels like to be poor. Job demonstrates by his character and perseverance his confidence in God and why God blessed his life to gain all he had and the respect he had earned.

The whole chapter is how humiliated he is in losing everything and losing the respect and honor that he once had. He is not complaining about his place of honor in the community which he has lost but he is appalled at how quickly those who once honored him now are ignoring him or scorning him.

Job experienced a little of what Jesus faced many years later. I guess many of God's servants have gone through times of great trials and suffering for various reasons but not because of sin. Not that any were perfect but it was not because of some great sin that God was judging them for.

From Job's experience it seems that humiliation is good for my soul and character. I am so prideful and so selfish that to have nothing but God is something I need to experience at times in my life. It is not easy and I do not think anyone should pray for this but it does give one a greater focus on God. Lord, I am grateful for difficult times and I do want to learn from them all to keep my focus on You and not anything else.


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