Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brief Thoughts 15-02-07

I want to explain a little about what has been happening the better part of this year, both for myself and for others that may be interested. As you see I have not been very consistent with logging my devotions onto my blogg. I have been reading but even missing those times more than I want to admit.

I began a new thing with my blogg in Jan to spend more time with the thoughts God was giving me and I think it was more than I could handle. I have been since then trying to evaluate that before I get started again. If I do continue with an expanded devotions I think I will spread it over a few days and not try to do this daily. I would be adding to my blogg every day but not as much on a daily basis. Pray with me as I continue to evaluate what God would want me to do.

This last trip we took to Hawaii and back was a very wonderful trip and God did some very special things for us with our family but it truly exhausted me and on top of that I caught the flu with a weakened immune system. I have had a slow recovery and am still recovering. It has been a long time since I have felt so weak and exhausted on a daily basis. My strength is gradually returning but it is a slow process.

I am currently reading a book by David Jeremiah called Captured by Grace. It is really a good book and I think I am learning a lot through reading it. I am asking God to teach me some new things through it and my time with Him while I am recovering from my flu. If you can get the book, I would urge you to do so. We all need to be captured by God's grace.


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